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Amritsar is the soul of Punjab. Situated very near to the international border of Pakistan. Amritsar has an Airport and it is connected by 2 pairs of Shatabdi train to New Delhi. Other cities are connected by super fast or express trains and luxury and deluxe buses go to Delhi and Chandigarh.
The Khatris and Aroras of Punjab had trading outlets from Chitagong (now in Bangla Desh) right upto Iran in Persia. Amritsar town was built around the Golden Temple and when these Khatris and Aroras converted to Sikhism Amritsar became the East's biggest trading and eventually a manufacturing centre. Today it is India's important distribution centre of dry-fruits, tea (next only to Calcutta), of condiments and is a leading exporter of goods to the Middle East. Woollen tweeds, suitings, blankets, shawls in traditional weaves, ivory (now plastic) inlay furniture, swords of all designs, oils, scents, jutties (traditional embroidered shoes), cut-glass crockery, selective musical instruments, carpets are manufactured here almost in every bazaar.
It is one of the leading publication centres, especially in Punjabi language, in the whole world, is India's manufacturing centre of Ayurvedic medicines and renowned for treatment of eye diseases.
Amritsar is the home of traditional Punjabi cuisine, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian where each eating-house has a specialty, which can not be matched. Its pickles, murabbas (Indian jams) and papads and warian (recipes can not be translated into English) and sweetmeats are exported to far off places, right into Punjabi Diaspora abroad.