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Dominated by one of the mightiest forts of Asia, and steeped in historic tradition, Gwalior is an excellent entry point into India's largest and geographically most attractive state: Madhya Pradesh. In legend Gwalior's history goes back to multitude of reigning dynasties of the great Rajput clans of the Pratiharas, Kachwas and Tomars who have left indelible etchings of their rule in this city of palaces, temples and monuments. The magnificent mementoes of a glorious past have been preserved with care giving Gwalior a unique and timeless appeal. In the 8th century AD its chieftain Suraj Sen was cured of leprosy by a hermit saint, Gwalipa in gratitude he named the city after his name.

The new city of Gwalior became, over the centuries, the cradle of great dynasties and with each, the city gained new dimensions from the warrior kings, poets, musicians and saints who contributed to making it a capital renowned throughout the country and today, a modern Indian city, vibrant and bustling.